A _____________ is any word, device, or combination of these used to distinguish a seller's goods or services? Pages 3 Ratings 100% (3) 3 out of 3 people found this document helpful; All the following statements about branding are true except Branding is the set of activities designed to create a brand and position it in the minds of consumers. d. Positioning B) Brand symbols D. Brand loyalty exists when customers purchase only one brand and consider no other brand, regardless of price differences. Packaging is not used to gain a competitive advantage. A university librarian produced the following probability distribution of the number of times a student walks into the library over the period of a semester. e. Brand Loyalty, Typically, ______________ is done by the retailer of a product rather than by the manufacturer. C) desirability Which of the following statements about branding is. Consumers with high behavioral loyalty are unlikely to switch. contestants performing 360-degree turns in mid-air while on motorcycles, competitive skateboarding, and other extreme sports. e. You said all of these things, and meant them. B. target markets shrink or disappear or a firm's image no longer matches industry trends and consumer expectations. It is a focused attempt to highlight a relevant and unique benefit for any single customer segment. Select one: Experience Qualities Select one: On the outside, your brand may seem like it consists only of elements such as logos and colors, but your brand is actually . D) It involves all the industries in existence today, the known market space and occupied market positions. Bummer. In terms of the goods-services continuum, this is an example of a _____________? B) Points-of-difference Which of the following is NOT correct regarding brand awareness? E) maximizing negatively correlated attributes, Which of the following ways to conveying a brand's category membership relates to well-known, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MgSiq71NXQ A.geologic processes occur as endless cycles B.the earth was once covered by a "universal" flood C.geologic. B) unique, complex, and inspirational Whether there are contingency plans in place. She believes that people would be willing to pay a premium price if they could customize their own blend of coffee beans and then have their coffee roasted, ground and brewed by a highly trained barista. Brands cannot be built through advertising, public relations, sponsorships, social media, or similar techniques. The walls of his waiting room were covered with murals of beautiful outdoor scenes along with his advertising slogan 'What would it be like to live in a world without lower back pain?. d. Toll-free number Select one: What did the company try to build when they conveyed the fact that the beer contained one third less calories and hence it is less filling? A) announcing category benefits As an entry-level digital marketer, which of the following data analytics tasks might you be . A) brand mantras Which of the following is NOT true regarding brand loyalty? Substitution (statement 1 into statement 4) 6. p q 6. A) It involves designing creative business ventures to positively affect both a company's cost structure B) pitch These are all expressions of the value of brand equity. B) Market research E) persuasion based on believability, The typical approach to positioning is to inform consumers of a brand's category membership before stating its ________, Through research, they had discovered that many dogs do not get enough exercise and this new dog food had stimulants added to give these sedate dogs energy. E) Competitive points-of-difference, ) Philip Morris bought Miller brewing and launched low-calorie beer, at a time when consumers had the impression that low-calorie beer does not taste as good as normal beer. c. Service Brand name, marketing communications, packaging, and price are examples of_____ that enable consumers to form associations that give meaning to the brand. c. Cross-marketing A) services c. Multiproduct branding All of the marketing concepts that deal with tangible products apply to services as well. A) Berry's has an intensive training program for its customer-facing employees, to ensure a consistent service standard. Industrial tools claiming to have durability, and antacids announcing their efficacy convey a brand's category membership by ________. C) desirability She went online and searched for several coffee services. D) believability D) using channel differentiation Describe a data-gathering process that produces observational data. c. Increased customer loyalty She would like to open her shop across the street from college campuses, but there are already Starbucks coffee shops in all of these locations. \text{20X7} & 80,000 & 50,000 & 70,000 & 40,000 \\ Secret shoppers are used for all of these things. Service dominated offering b. Inseparability a. They negotiated with computer manufacturers to include a sticker on the outside of the computer - regardless of the brand - showing that there was an Intel chip inside. D) category points-of-parity A) competitive points-of-parity A) cast E) deliverability, Which of the following criteria relates to consumers seeing the brand association as distinctive and superior to relevant competitors? B) points-of-parity B) brand parity Hermione used ___________ to evaluate the quality of this service? e. Number of complaints. d. Strength of the relationship. E) sensitivity, Which of the following traits of a brand's ability to become a lovemark implies empathy, commitment, and passion? Select one: A) points-of-inflection These are all reasons not-for-profits need to use complementary positioning. The following data were reported by the companies for the years 20X6 through 20X9: DividendsDeclared\begin{array}{l} Which of the following is correct about examples of co-branding? E) differentiability, authenticity, desirability, ) Which of the following criteria relates to consumers seeing the brand association as personally relevant to them? (Your answer should describe actions to be taken on both stocks and bonds at different points over a typical business cycle.) C) A small business must separate the well-integrated brand elements to enhance both brand awareness and brand image. D) Achieving brand familiarity is easy. C) realistic advantage A. flanker brand. For a one-time fee of $300 the company will install a four-pot coffee maker in the office. Select one: B) competitive points-of-difference a. Karel can choose from standard coffee for $24 a case or premium coffee for $36 a case. Which of the following statements are true about data storytelling? E) Brand extensions, ) A ________ is a translation of the brand mantra that attempts to creatively engage consumers and others external to the company. C) image Ben Lucas is a maintenance programmer for the Ace Corporation. D) image differentiation Because it will tell you which products you need to discontinue. Which of the following is NOT true regarding a type of brand name: D. Iconoclastic name: Office Depo is an example of a unique and memorable name, suggesting what the company is about. Select one: Consumers with strong behavioral loyalty have the strongest connection with the brand. A. A. Pillsbury cookie mix featuring Hershey's Chocolate is a form of ingredient branding. A) deliverability C) JEK's sophisticated customer database allows the company to handle queries and product returns much faster than competitors. c. These are all dimensions of service quality. b. Pacinian corpuscles No, because the product is not different enough to support premium pricing. e. Intangibles, A ______________ or _______________ is usually the property of the retailer that distributes and/or sells a product? Adamss research report (see the previous problem) continued as follows: With a business expansion already under way, the expected profit surge should lead to a much higher price for Universal Auto stock. c. Physical representation School University of Malaysia Sabah; Course Title HE 19; Type. Reliability A) point-of-parity Individual product branding E) relying on the product descriptor, ) SJC is a new retailer that targets the youth market. c. Integrated marketing communications is less important now than it was in the past. It is relatively inexpensive to create a national brand when the product sells for less than $1 c. Creating a brand is very different from positioning. D) RTZ shifted its products from supermarket aisles to exclusive stores as it realized that customers were willing to pay more in stores. In the front of the book was a beautiful picture and an inspiring poem that would remind his clients that lower back pain can be treated with a visit to Frodo. Brand: A brand is a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others. E) cast. ) B. quality of many private label products has improved. In terms of the goods-services continuum, this is an example of a ___________? D) focusing on reliability SJC needs to make an impression using advertising, and decides to use funny or irreverent ads to get its point across. B) points-of-difference Warranties can be either expressed or implied. e. Private-label brand, middleman brand. A ______________ is an organization that exists to achieve some goal other than the usual business goals of profit, market share, or return on investment? The key to building a brand is to use a different approach each time you mention the brand name. Like lysol spray disinfectant products Other disinfectant sprays besides lysol Spanish equivalent to lysol spray. B) identifying counter examples a. C) cast C) point-of-conflict E) Hayley's found success by allowing buyers to customize the color and some features of its appliances before buying them. [Brand name] serves [target audience] who [specific need or want]. Consumers with high behavioral loyalty are unlikely to switch. b. Which of the following statements about pricing in the not-for-profit sector is FALSE? B) peculiarity ________ are defined as companies that satisfy the same customer need. Which of the following is an example of image differentiation? View the full answer. C) JEK's sophisticated customer database allows the company to handle queries and product returns much faster than competitors. b. e. The manufacturer can only be held responsible for the problems specified in writing. e. Positive Brand associations. Which of the following statements is true of the individualism approach of ethical decision making? \hspace{240pt}\textbf{Dividends Declared}\\ D) points-of-value E) A small business must focus on building more than two strong brands based on a number of associations. To communicate its unique positionand to avoid association with its Explorer and Country Squire modelsthe vehicle, eventually called Freestyle, was designated a "sports wagon". The Long Definition: Marketing attribution is the practice of evaluating the marketing touchpoints a consumer encounters on their path to purchase. Licensing. She called all three and asked them to come in and put on a demonstration so that the employees could decide which coffee they liked best. C) category points-of-parity; deliverable points-of-parity B) employee A) announcing category benefits a. If you are a fan of these trucks then this is truly a very rare opportunity . c. Common sense. c. Trade name, trademark B) The Swan Hotels use a distinctive signature fragrance in all outlets so that customers can associate the fragrance with the hotel. False. C) relying on the product descriptor self-expressive correct incorrect. C) The highest level of brand equity involves establishing product benefits. C)It is only important once a company is established. e. Inseparability. \text{20X8} & 220,000 & 10,000 & 90,000 & 40,000 \\ It later sells the shares a. In this case A is "2 is even" and B is "New York has a large population." I would evaluate each of these as true, so the compound statement is true. a. Visualization Creamer, sugar, stir sticks and cups are provided for a nominal fee. e. Service dominated offering, Arwen wanted to open a donut shop where customers could design their own donuts and have them made to order at the time. Following extensive third-party laboratory testing, specific Lysol products have demonstrated effectiveness (>99. Select one: e. Individual product branding, Which of the following conditions make it favorable for a retailer to launch a store-brand? b. b. Write these addends in vertical form. C) Points-of-inflection D) Category points-of-parity C) product Moment of truth It is highly popular in the group-oriented society of today. B) services differentiation A) Brand mantras Select one: 3. a. Seam splitting b. A) Customers are willing to buy by brand only when it assures "top quality." B) Branding provides product identification for sellers but usually is not important to consumers. When it comes to managing services, some people find it helpful to think of it as a service encounter with roles for both the service provider and for the customer. B) focusing on reliability This is an example of ________ differentiation. Because for every customer who complains there are probably ten who had a similar problem and didn't say anything about it to you. b. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. All Rights Reserved. A) service differentiation Individual product branding a. B) always correlated The key to success for rejuvenating a brand image is to highlight the newness to attract former consumers. E) Hayley's found success by allowing buyers to customize the color and some features of its appliances before buying them. It should be meaningful, different, and salient. It is a good brand name because it suggests a product benefit. c. Internal rate of return A) Positioning B) Valuation C) Pricing D . Uploaded By ElderHawk5. Which of the following is a condition that is favorable to creating a brand? C) The highest level of brand equity involves establishing product benefits. This strategy is called _______________. A) image 1 12 4. D) using channel differentiation D) differentiability B) comparing to exemplars A. For tax purposes, assume that the computer has a useful life of five years. You must speak with a customer service representative to determine if the company is responsible for a specific problem with a product. D) product C) It involves crowded market space and reduced prospects for profit and growth. B) sensuality A) intimacy a. Select one: Protect the product from excessive heat or cold. The company has provided a written statement saying what their responsibility is for defective products. e. Generic branding, A ______________ is a brand name or a service mark that has been granted legal protection by the U.S. government. e. Responsiveness, Frodo was a massage therapist. B) Their influence does not extend beyond tactical concerns. E) Points-of-divergence, The three criteria that determine whether a brand association can truly function as a point-of-difference are ________. All of the marketing concepts that deal with tangible products apply to services as well. e. All of these are the point we were trying to make. Brand equity is anything that is deeply seated in a consumer's memory about the brand. d. Branding is less important now than . D) assist firms in collecting information on competitors that will directly influence their strategy. What the customer expects from the service. c. Variability (Inconsistency) A) the soap is one-quarter cleansing cream who provide superior customer service? c. Gap analysis A(n) _____________ is an organization that frequently is given tax-advantaged status because it provides a service that is considered to be in the public interest? Market Research Group Project Brief S1 2020-1.docx, Introduction to Business Final Milestone.docx, Problem 652 You are given i The probability that an insured will have at least, AI powered solution Ask the Brain Rather than roaming this gives direction for, 22 40 Cost Volume Profit Ex 176 Nielsen Company gathered the following, Specified sealant Mitsubishi Genuine Part No MD970389 or equivalent NOTE 1 Be, product being a commercial success can communicate needs of intended customers, maltase found in the saliva breaks down sugars into glucose trypsin breaks down, The FICA imposes certain following duties on accountable institutions Which of, Question 18 Out of the total systemically available drug the proportion of drug, Anabella Villalobos PhD Senior Vice President Biotherapeutics and Medicinal, Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 10.03.41 PM.png, Explain how the Saharan Desert and the Atacama Desert in South America are related to the Intertropical Convergence Zone. She found three that provided equipment and made weekly deliveries of supplies. Select one: B) Brand equity refers to the brand's value to an organization. E. Which of the following describe spam? All marketing strategy is built on STPsegmentation, targeting, and ________. B) Brain maps D) points-of-parity The retailer is large. b. a. Select one: There are four basic elements or components to a positioning statement: Target Audience - the attitudinal and demographic description of the core prospect. B) brand personality b. D) resilience Which of the following statements about creating a brand is true? E) identifying counter examples, Ford Motor Co. invested more than $1 billion on a radical new 2004 model called the X-Trainer, which combined the attributes of an SUV, a minivan, and a station wagon. D) setting Former U.S. Because customers who spend the most money are the most likely to complain. C) points-of-parity E) maximizing negatively correlated attributes, When Tommy Hilfiger was an unknown brand, advertising announced his membership as a great U.S. designer by associating him with Geoffrey Beene, Stanley Blacker, Calvin Klein, and Perry Ellis, who were recognized members of that category. b. Comparatives a. Credence Qualities e. Word of mouth, Not-for-profit organizations need to use complementary positioning because? Answer/Explanation. Becker Brothers is handling 10 percent of the issue. Here are the building blocks of your brand that you need to identify: Needs: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a helpful tool that shows layers of needs from the most . Assuming Adamss assertion is correct (that a business expansion is already under way), evaluate the timeliness of his recommendation to purchase Universal Auto, a cyclical stock, based on the business-cycle approach to investment timing. B) pitch A) original, ambiguous, and straightforward " The same is true of Clorox products. Ben works 7.5 hours per day. A) points-of-difference Which of the following is a benefit of social media marketing? Each of the following items is a tangible component of a brand image except: B. organizational culture, ideals and beliefs of corporate personnel. B) leverageable advantage A. Flanker brand d. Introduction E) points-of-conflict, Tums claims to have the most acid-reducing components of any antacid. a. Invisibility D. Brand recognition, also known as aided recall, refers to the ability of consumers to identify a brand. Discuss the business-cycle approach to investment timing. When Procter & Gamble added a new laundry detergent brand in Asia called "Panda" to its current line of laundry detergents, the Panda brand would be considered a: If your friends tell you that the company should be liable for a problem, then they probably are liable. Explore our library and get Marketing Homework Help with various study sets and a huge amount of quizzes and questions, Find all the solutions to your textbooks, reveal answers you wouldt find elsewhere, Scan any paper and upload it to find exam solutions and many more, Studying is made a lot easier and more fun with our online flashcards, Try out our new practice tests completely, 2020-2023 Quizplus LLC. Among others, this differentiation could certainly appeal to animal lovers and those moving toward organic products. In what way is the brand's category membership being conveyed? Some services are more product-based than other services These are all expressions of the value of brand equity. Starbucks using its brand name on coffee makers is an example of a: c. Experience Qualities B) category-based positioning maikling kwentong pambata pdf, abr core exam average score, friesian cow milk production per day,